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Welcome to the Abigail Adams Project of Florida

Homemakers for America Inc. is the sponsoring organization of The Abigail Adams Project of Florida and it is made up of a diverse group of women who share the core values of God, Freedom & Family. We are a National, membership based, nonprofit {501(c)(3)} corporation focused on education, citizenship and empowerment.

We recognize the great legacy our founders left us when founding this nation and constructing the Constitution and we respect our freedom documents and what they stand for. It is our desire to preserve this great legacy through our influence in our homes, our communities and in the nation.

We are searching for persons of integrity and high moral character, who possess a strong desire to serve others, recognizes his/her imperfections and strives to overcome them to be the person he/she can be. People that have been trained in humanity. They have learned the moral code of right and wrong, the positive attributes of honesty, humility, patriotism, accepting responsibility, and the selfless standards of love thy neighbor, the golden rule, and country above self. Basically, we are searching for Statesmen and women to represent our families.

The Abigail Adams Project will aid us in this search!!

As the Florida Co-Coordinators for Homemakers for America, we are working on collaborating with Patriot groups across the State of Florida on the Abigail Adams Project.  It's a non-partisan voter education project that will make a difference in how candidates are elected.  Our objective is to restore the Constitution through the power of an educated electorate.  Once the qualified candidates have completed the survey, we will produce voter guides in both English and Spanish.  These voter guides will be distributed by patriots in neighborhoods and at the polls on election days

We understand that this will take a sacrifice from all of our families. With the understanding that a sacrifice of the time that we would have normally spent with our children, the money spent on making copies or mailing letters, or the time and money spent on driving to visit our representatives whether they are in Tallahassee or D.C., comes the knowledge that it's necessary to protect our children.  Know that while there is little or no "extra" money in most families today, we will find a way to get our point across with what ever we are able to spare.

We welcome you to join us and become a member of our team so we can all put the power of information into the hands of the voter!

Thank you for visiting our website.

Kathy Allen, Pam Peters                                                                                      Florida Co-Coordinators                                                                                         Homemakers for America/The Abigail Adams Project of Florida


This site is to be used for communication and networking on the Abigail Adams Project only. The purpose of this site is to coordinate efforts to create voter guides for Florida voters. Political commentary and endorsement of candidates or political issues are not allowed and will be removed immediately

To visit the National Abigail Adams Website:click here

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